The kennels are grouped into three major blocks.


Each block is a dedicated insulated brick building clad in wood to tastefully blend with the surrounding countryside. All with double glazed windows and a split barn door style door. All are fitted with heat lamps and an oil filled radiator as standard, used to take the chill out of the air and all night during the coldest of weather.


During the summer, each suite has its own chiller and two fans. All outdoor walkways and runs are cooled with water and the evaporative process cools the air. We also have canopies to provide shade where needed.


Yellow Block

Family sharing


Kennel Suites: Groom & Favell.


These kennels are sized to accommodate larger families sharing.


dimensions: 2900mm x 1900mm & 1800mm x 2600mm

Red & Blue Block

Medium & Large Dogs


Kennel Suites:

Red: Ralph, Chloe, Jessica,

Blue: Roseanne, Florence & Laurel


dimensions: 2200mm x 1500mm

Green Block

Small & Medium Dogs


Kennel suites: Amber, Saffron, Lilly & Calico. 


dimensions: 2200mm x 1500mm