Frequently Asked Questions

Meet & Greet

With a recent increase in requests, we prefer Meet & Greet sessions to be by appointment.

Request an appointment between 9-11am & 3-5pm any day of the week or weekend.


An up to date vaccination or Titre test is required for the duration of the stay. 

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is not mandatory the choice to administer is yours.


We don't take deposits and you cancel at any time without incurring a cost.

Trips to the paddock

Each dog goes into the paddock four times a day, This is an off lead runaround with a team member. 

Times 7am - 11am - 3pm - 6:30pm

Veterinary Cover

We are registered with Companion Care Vets in Leighton Buzzard. 



Paddock Hire

We no longer rent out th paddock.

However, Horton Corner is about 1/4 mile away and has a lovely paddock. 

 FB: Horton Corner

What should I bring?

Bring anything that will make your dogs stay as comfortable and like home as can be. 

Bedding, toys and food in the main.